Yellow Weaves™ Cotton Roti Cover/Chapati Cover/Traditional Roti Rumals (Assorted Color & Design) – Set of 3 Price & Reviews

Yellow Weaves™ Cotton Roti Cover/Chapati Cover/Traditional Roti Rumals (Assorted Color & Design) – Set of 3 Price & Reviews

Product Description

Yellow Weaves has evolved as a household name for home products. This brand started with the idea to offer numerous homes and kitchen lifestyle products online, which are not easily available to everyone.With our wide array of merchandise, we do ensure that customers get the best buy as Yellow Weaves has always aimed to offer quality in terms of design and functionality.

Available in Beautiful Colours

The roti covers are available in assorted colour combinations and patterns. These can be used to personalise the roti cover to everyone in the family. They are functional and attractive at the same time.

Made of Soft Fabric and Filling

These traditional roti covers are made of natural cotton material. They are highly breathable. They are soft and filled with soft fabric filling to keep your food safe at all times.

Long Lasting

These covers are made of high-quality fabric, which makes them highly durable. They can be washed and reused multiple time unlike plastic covers and aluminium foils.

Easy to Maintain

The roti covers are very easy to clean and maintain. It is recommended to wash them separately and avoid use of bleach, harsh detergents and chemical based fabric cleansers.

Versatile Usage

These covers can be used to store roti, parantha, bread, puri and other such Indian breads. It can help in keeping these food items soft and fresh for a long time. The simple design allows you to keep the food inside and wrap it with the Velcro closure.

These assorted Chapati covers are ideal for roti, parantha, bread or puri.
Chapati Cover keeps roti or chapati more soft & fresh for long time. These chapati covers available in beautiful and trendy colors and design
Easily Washable , Reusable & Long life product. Don’t miss ‘The Must Buy Product’.
Please Buy only From seller- Yellow Weaves which is the only authorized seller of our brand-Yellow Weaves. Be aware of other sellers selling fake/counterfeit products under this brand name . Yellow Weaves does not take any responsibility for other unauthorized sellers’ products.

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