WOL 3D ITouch 3D Pen with 5 Pack of Filament 5 Meter Each (Total 8 Pieces of Filament) Price & Reviews

WOL 3D ITouch 3D Pen with 5 Pack of Filament 5 Meter Each (Total 8 Pieces of Filament) Price & Reviews

Product Description

WOL 3D Idrawing 3D Pen With 8 pack of Filament 5 meter each

WOL 3D’s Drawing Pen is a great tool to create 3D masterpieces and crafts for school projects, home décor and gifts. It runs on 1.75 mm ABS/PLA filaments. Unleash your creativity and enjoy hours of three dimensional drawing and sculpting with this 3D pen. It’s ideal for children to improve their spatial thinking ability and encourage their creative imagination.The product comes with a USB cable, a portable power charger and 5 packs of filaments measuring 5 meters each.

Control Extrusion Speed

With this pen, you can crank up the extrusion speed for larger fill in areas and turn it down slow to create intricate works of art. This provides optimal speed for proper control over any task you’re undertaking.

Easy Operation

The pen features a simple operation. Just plug in the power supply, insert the TLA filament into the hole after the 3D pen is warmed up, press the load filament button and the filament can be extruded through the nozzle. The 3D pen is charged by a USB port power supply. Hence it can be used with a power bank for portability.

Safe to Use

The 3D pen features a unique nozzle protection that is designed to reduce skin contact. This creates a barrier and makes it super friendly and safe for kids to use.

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A beautiful gift for children and adults — the Idrawing 3D print pen is the perfect gift for children. It helps to improve their spatial thinking skills and encourage their creative imagination. Create quality time and a colorful world for the family
The unique consumable formula design — eco-friendly filament and printing pen design ensure a better three-dimensional painting effect , non-toxic, eco-friendly and kid-safe option
3D Pen Combo- Here you will get best combo of 3D Pen with refills, Idrawing 3D Pen with 8 PCS of PLA Filament 5 meter each

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