Tupperware Tupin SS Modular Medium Bowl, 1.5 L (Multicolour) Price & Reviews

Tupperware Tupin SS Modular Medium Bowl, 1.5 L (Multicolour) Price & Reviews

Airtight Bowl for Storage with Flavour Retention

The Tupperware SS modular medium bowl comes with a Tupperware classic round seal that gives you an airtight as well as liquid-tight performance. Once sealed, this bowl locks in the flavour and freshness of the stored content, while maintaining its original essence. This particular product comes in two convenient sizes that enable easy and efficient storage and serving purposes. With a large capacity of 1.5L, this multipurpose plastic medium bowl fits the needs of your kitchen and family easily. You can use it to store chopped vegetables or leftover meals too.

Non-toxic Durable Material

The Tupperware 1.5 litres medium bowl is a safe and durable addition to any modern kitchen. Made from non-toxic and food-grade materials, this product prevents chemicals from being released into your food or liquid contents during storage. This Tupperware modular bowl is easy to clean and maintain with just liquid soap and lukewarm water. With a smooth surface and aesthetic design, this stylish product easily blends with your kitchen decor. Designed to store food items for later use, this airtight product will keep the stored content fresh and odour-free too.

  • Brand: Tupperware
  • Medium sized
  • Material: Plastic
  • Non-toxic food-grade material
  • Colour: Multiple
  • Capacity: 1.5L
  • Comes with Tupperware classic round seal
  • Airtight and liquid-tight cap
  • Care: Wash with liquid soap and lukewarm water

This locks in the freshness and flavour and protect the texture of foods
Perfect for Refrigerator storage
Colors may vary, any one will be shipped
Can be used to store and carry dry and liquid food

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