Python Sledge Hammer Fiberglass Handle 450 GMS / 10″ (250 MM) Price & Reviews

Python Sledge Hammer Fiberglass Handle 450 GMS / 10″ (250 MM) Price & Reviews

Product Description

Python Sledge Hammer With Indestructible Fiberglass Handle 450 Gms / 10″ (250 MM)

Python’s Sledge Hammer is a shape and size ideal for light-medium duty tasks, masonary/ tile work. A wide diameter on both faces allows you to strike with better precision and force, while its indestructible fibre glass handle offers extra stability. It is of a durable construction to support regular use and get the job done powerfully. This hand tool is designed using quality materials for a quicker and better workmanship.

Built For Power

Made using tough quality carbon-treated steel, the hammer head has been hardened to deliver a good striking force and maximize efficiency.

Balanced Weight

It features a well-weighted head of 450 gms to facilitate the right balance. This improves its performance and gives you optimum control over each swing.

Firm Grip

The hammer is 240mm / 9″ in length. Fitted with a durable fiberglass and thermoplastic rubber handle, it is well-engineered to reduce vibrations during impact. The handle and the head are fixed with epoxy to ensure a firm attachment.

Overall Length – 250 mm
Hardened to British Standard
Unbreakable and Indestructible Fiberglass Handle
Handle Head Fitted with Epoxy, Impossible Pull Apart

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