PagKis 1 Pc Soldering Paste Goot BS-10 10g Price & Reviews

PagKis 1 Pc Soldering Paste Goot BS-10 10g Price & Reviews

1 Pc Soldering Paste GOOT BS-10 10g

This GOOT BS-10 white solder paste is semi-solid. So, it is not easy to tip over. It features flux strong bright spot, low residue. It has a stable performance, volatile, long life cycle, the amount of provincial, non-toxic, odorless, safe to use and reliable. Ideal for both professional as well as hobby users.

How to use:

  • Using the end of a match or tooth pick, apply a little soldering paste to the leads that will be soldered.
  • Place the soldering iron tip over the leads. Contact the solder against these leads. Heat the solder till it flows freely, then quickly move the soldering iron and solder away.
How to Clean:

  • Using the cotton swab apply a little Isopropyl Alcohol on the stain and wipe it off using tissue paper or a piece of cotton.
  • Remove it completely to avoid surface corrosion.

This soldering paste removes oil or oxides from the surface and improves wettability.
Assits soldering of electrical wiring and electrical components in your repair work or hobby kits work or any college project work
Stable performance, volatile, long life cycle

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