Mr. Butler Water, Milk, Juice Glass Bottle 1000ml – 4 Pack, with Extra caps Price & Reviews

Mr. Butler Water, Milk, Juice Glass Bottle 1000ml – 4 Pack, with Extra caps Price & Reviews

Product Description

Mr. Butler Glass Bottles, with a capacity of 1000 ml, are made of high-quality food grade and lead-free material. You can store liquids such as milk, water, juice and any other beverages. The Bottles have air tight caps that are spill proof. The bottle comes with extra caps, in case of loss or damage.

High-Quality Material

These classic bottles are made of high-quality, lead-free and food grade glass. They are non-reactive with all consumable drinks.

Store any Liquid

The lead-free, food-grade glass material of this bottle makes it safe on your health. It also keeps your favourite drink fresh and tastier for long time.

Air Tight Caps

The glass bottle are equipped with air-tight caps, thus avoiding leakage or spilling. They come with extra caps, so that you can replace them in case of loss or damage.

Dishwasher Friendly

Get rid of stains or carry out regular cleaning by just a push of the button, as the bottles are dishwasher friendly. They can also be cleaned by hand using a bottle brush.

Highly Versatile

The bottles carry a stylish and classic design. They are ideal for your kitchen, office or travel to carry water, milk or juice. They can also be perfect to grow your favourite plants and herbs.

Say No to Plastic

Single use plastics are harmful to the environment and create unnecessary garbage. Shift to these re-usable glass bottles to get the purest sip of water, juice or any beverage anytime, anywhere.

Package Contents: 4-Piece 1000ml Glass Bottles.
High quality Glass, Food grade and lead free material.
Can be used to store any liquid – water, juice, milk, oil.
Air tight and spill proof caps.

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