loopwipe Disk Brake Maintenance (125ml) Price & Reviews

loopwipe Disk Brake Maintenance (125ml) Price & Reviews

Product Description

If you find your disk brakes squeaking or slipping once in a while, what do you do? We all know how to take the bike to our local bike shop and get a full service done, but there is a way in which you can do some first aid so that you ride safely with a working disk brake. Here we will teach you how you can regularly maintain your disk brake so that you can avoid any complications while riding. However, this is a temporary fix, and a full service is irreplaceable if you need a disk brake overhaul. We are assuming you have already learnt how to do Chain Maintenance and Anti-Rust Maintenance with looplube. If not, go for one of the Trial Combo packs by looplube, and get started with learning how to do Chain Maintenance. Disk Brake Maintenance comes third in our training series, where we teach you how to use our products to get the most out of your bicycle rides while doing regular maintenance as per a schedule that suits your exact requirement as a cyclist. If you are a service center or a workshop, go for the 500ml Disk Brake Cleaner, which has 4 times more quantity and is 40% lesser expensive as well.

MAX Efficiency MIN Friction

We believe passion drives everything we do. We are a bunch of passionate bikers, cyclists and scientists working together to conceptualize, design and build products to further our passions. We started with a 15 year R&D project, to kickoff looplube with our All-Weather Bicycle Chain Lubricant, which became a success, thus giving us an opportunity to design and build better products by understanding the problems that our customers were concerned about. Our first product has been changed to meet customer needs 28 times. We are based out of Mysore in India, and we are proud to be the only company of its kind. We ride a bicycle to work & we enjoy riding long distances on our favorite motorcycles; spending the rest our time building products that we use on a daily basis. We wish you the smoothest rides and thank you for choosing us as your bicycle maintenance partner. We assure you to top-notch product quality and the smoothest rides ever! 🙂

Control The Amount of Spray

The 125ml All-Weather Lube is designed so that you can master the pressure you apply on the nozzle (with some practice) to get the spray even in the form of drops.

The chain cleaner is designed to be controlled in three pressure stages – Low Pressure, Medium Pressure, High Pressure. Learn more about nozzle pressure handling in the customised training provided to you by our team of experts after purchase.

Save Time and Money

Cleaning the chain takes a whopping 30-45 minutes using diesel or kerosene, ignoring its health effects and the drying time. Lubing with imported lubes in the form of tubes/bottles takes forever if you have to lube it drop by drop (60 links, once on top and once at the bottom – 120 drops) on each chain link to meticulously ensure your chain is well lubed.

Now, with looplube and loopwipe, a perfectly clean and well lubricated chain will take just about 10 mins to achieve (with some practice), doubling the life of your chain set and decreasing your maintenance costs to half!

Super Smooth Rides

Clean and lube your bicycle chain once every 200km or once every 3 weeks, whichever earlier and enjoy a new level of smoothness. Save energy (upto 10%) since a chain maintained with looplube will give you a power transfer efficiency of upto 99.56%, while a non-maintained chain may have a power transfer efficiency of as low as 60%! The first step to DIY maintenance is learning how to keep the chain well lubed and friction free. Get ready to learn not just a new skill, but also to be connected to your bicycle as your means of expression, and to teach all your friends to DIY!

Free Training & Support

So to learn chain maintenance, we currently have no choice but to watch random videos and experiment to find the best method and products. And finally when you found the right method, its hard to get the specific product, or its really expensive. So we did it for you. We studied all the products in the market and all of their procedures, before designing looplube and loopwipe to take care of all these issues for you, with exceptional quality. Our customers asked us if we can teach them how to use our products, and we decided to train each and every customer, fully customised to your specific riding style. All this completely free of cost! So enjoy learning and maintaining your bicycle chain like a PRO!

In case you have already purchased our product(s), drop us a message on m.me/looplube to get trained for free!

Learn A New Skill And Teach All Your Cyclist Friends

There are two types of maintenance procedures you need to follow for any machine, especially a complicated one like your bicycle. The first is called Regular Maintenance, and the second is Full Maintenance. While Full Maintenance is what you need your local bicycle store for, it is your responsibility to maintain it between Full Services. Chain maintenance covers at 40% of your regular maintenance needs, and now it takes just 10 mins if done on a regular basis. Ever wondered why you pay so much for parts every time you give your bicycle for service at the local store? You guessed it right, it’s because of lack of regular maintenance. We have products and procedures that cover up to 80% of your regular maintenance needs:

1. Chain Maintenance
2. Anti-Rust Maintenance
3. Disk Brake Maintenance

All our products are available on Amazon, and in case you need more information, reach out to us via the Amazon’s Contact Seller page – bit.ly/asklooplube

About the Startup

Describe your products in three words.

Pro-Level Bicycle Maintenance

How did you come up with the idea for this product?

While riding our bicycles around the city to and from work, we felt the same issues that all cyclists face while maintaining their bicycles, to find the right products, right procedures and right usage intervals, and pricing that makes it usable on a regular basis, while also giving excellent world-class PRO level performance. Bottles and tubes were inefficient, half-hearted service levels are bike stores were not worth the price we paid, and there was a strong urge to do it by yourself which was also a great way to connect to your bicycle. So we started making products for our own use, and one of the stores in our area asked us for it, and it kept on growing to what it is today. As we visited more and more stores and cyclists, we realised that the procedures and products used were not designed for use in India, and were not efficient enough. We iterated the product formulation around 28 times until we had something that we felt made the ride as smooth as butter! We have designed many more products and processes ever since, and we plan to enter new markets as well.

What makes your product special?

Our customers and their delight in using them make this product very special. We thank all of our 5000+ customers across India for encouraging us to build better products, from Kashmir to the islands of Andaman and Nicobar and Lakshadweep as well. Use looplube and loopwipe on a brand new bicycle chain, and we promise it will go faster and smoother!

What has been the best part of your experience?

Interacting with cyclists from around the country, learning from their experiences and feedback, organising training sessions in various cities and working with talented people to bring the product to market and be a segment leader in bicycle maintenance products was a wonderful learning experience. The best part of all things are the people involved in it! So a big cheers to all cyclists, bike store mechanics and our team who enabled this to happen, and who are working on some exciting ideas to bring to market in the near future! Welcome to our journey at looplube, which has taken a life of its own. If you want to hop on the bandwagon, get in touch with us via the Amazon’s Contact Seller page – bit.ly/asklooplube and ask us any questions you may have, and we’d love to answer them for you! Cheers!

Useful for cleaning disk brake in emergencies
Spray generously and leave to dry

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