Ketsaal (Pack of 12) Multi-Purpose Vegetables Fruits Mesh Fridge Storage Washable Zip Bags. Price & Reviews

Ketsaal (Pack of 12) Multi-Purpose Vegetables Fruits Mesh Fridge Storage Washable Zip Bags. Price & Reviews

Product Description


Ketsaal Fruit & Vegetable Fridge Bags- THE IDEAL COMPANION FOR YOUR KITCHEN

These bags help to keep refrigerators organized and neat, avoiding spills and making more space to store the other products. These are not only meant to be used in fridge but can also be used to store food items in cabinets, drawers, or pantry, it may be used anywhere it fulfills its basic function of keeping your fridge, cabinet, drawer, pantry all organized, saving your time to identify the product fast, avoiding spills and creating more space for other products. These bags are made of mesh material, avoiding the use of plastics.

These bags are reusable.
They can be easily folded and kept in drawer while not in use, hardly occupying any space in your drawer.
Keeps the fridge, cabinet, pantry organized.
These bags can also be used while washing veggies and fruits.
These are multipurpose bags it can be used to keep cosmetics, toys, etc.
The bags are featured with a zipper lid making it convenient to store fruits and veggies and use.
It comes in a set of 12 bags, enough for you to store different types of fruits and vegetables.
These bags comes in bright colors.

ketsaal fridge bagketsaal fridge bag

fridge bags

fridge bags

fridge bags

fridge bags

fridge bags

fridge bags

Convenient & Reusable Organizer Bag

These bags are convenient to use, the zipper lid makes it easy to store the fruits and vegetables without making them fall. The bags are convenient to use not only in refrigerators but can also be used to keep the veggies in cabinets and drawers

These bags are not foreign time use, they can be used over and over the time, these bags can be easily washed and can be used again and they are great alternative for plastic.

Water Resistant Bags & Easy To Use

These bags simply do not serve the purpose of carrying the fruits and vegetables, and keeping the refrigerators, drawer, cabinets, and pantry organized but also to conveniently wash the vegetables and fruits keeping them in the bag, and then can be directly kept in the bag. These bags make the work simpler and easier, and they are water resistant they can be used to wash fruits and veggies.

Breathable & Durable Material

These Ketsaal fridge bags are made up of mesh material which are breathable i.e, it will allow your items to breathe, allowing proper air flow and eliminating any sort of odor, keeping the fruits and veggies fresh.

These bags are made upon durable material and can be used for a long period of time, the zip is made of high quality and helps to use the bag more than once.

net bagsnet bags


Ketsaal Fridge Bags are not only for keeping food items, these are multipurpose bags, they can be used to store-

can be used to carry picnic items and other belongings while traveling.


Why Ketsaal?

Ketsaal understand the requirement of customer so we are offering you premium grade & excellent product range inclusive of home furnishing range, utilities and many other items. Our products are authentic, genuine, stylish and more durable. We have excellent color combination & designs. We deal in various products like Home & Kitchen products such as Waterproof Apron, Dining Table Placemats, Fridge Mats, Clever Cutter, Spin Bucket Mop, Bowl & Strainer, Laundry bags etc. We at Ketsaal, always offers finest fashion accessories that incorporates contemporary designs and modern functions. This product will be an instant hit as per your requirement. Our products are designed in consideration of customer need.

No need to store your fruits and vegetables in regular plastic bags anymore. These bags eliminate moisture collection and bad smells.
These multi-purpose storage bags are very handy for separating and storing different vegetables and fruits in the vegetable compartment or on the shelves of your fridge
They are completely washable bags and can be used to store different items every time.
Virgin quality and HDPE food grade material.These long-lasting bags are a great investment as they can be cleaned and reused over and over again. You get 12 Bag. Colors: All Colors Are Beautiful & they will be send randomly as per availability at the time of dispatch.

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