BLACK+DECKER A7073 Battery Powered Screwdriver + Stanley 66-137 Digital Tester (Yellow and Black) Price & Reviews

BLACK+DECKER A7073 Battery Powered Screwdriver + Stanley 66-137 Digital Tester (Yellow and Black) Price & Reviews

Black & Decker A7073 Battery Powered Screwdriver
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Comfortable and Easy to Use Design

Quickly complete your household tasks by using the Black & Decker battery powered screwdriver. For your convenience, the screwdriver has an easy to operate on/off button and also features an ergonomic design with optimal grip, allowing you to hold this reverse rotation screwdriver with absolute ease. This Black & Decker A7073 cordless screwdriver kit also has a narrow nose piece that allows you to get to tough hard-to-reach places. The forward/reverse button enables you to carry out screwing applications better. A sleek design gives this screwdriver a modern and cool look.The cordless screwdriver runs on four A4 alkaline batteries and ensures a seamless performance.

Multi-Purpose Use

Along with being easy to use, this battery powered screwdriver is also compact and easy to carry around. This screwdriver set can be used for quickly fixing tasks around the house like changing a light bulb, tightening loose screws on your cupboards, drawers or doors. You can even use the product manually as it has a spindle lock that allows you to carry out the screwing operation without any trouble. Handy to have around the house, the Black & Decker alkaline powered screwdriver set lets you use it freely and flexibly without worrying about any power cables connected to it.

  • Brand: Black & Decker
  • Voltage: 6V
  • Battery type: Alkaline
  • Four AA alkaline batteries included
  • Spindle lock for manual use and narrow nose piece
  • Rated Torque: 2.9Nm
  • Weight: 0.24Kg
  • Includes 4pcs lockable bit set
Stanley 66-137 Digital Tester (Yellow and Black)
Safety when fixing household objects, especially those that require electricity to run, is a high priority. The quick passage of electric current as you fiddle with the screws on the lampshade leave a numb feeling in your fingers all day long. But, with this home improvement product, you no longer need to worry about that.The Stanley Digital Tester (yellow and Black) is your saviour in such a case. You can now use the screwdriver end to tighten all the loose nuts and bolts around the house, even for that nasty shock producing night lamp and walk away without getting hurt. This tester is designed to be able to read between 12 and 220 volts for both AC and DC live objects. Once you know that the object is still live, you can take the necessary precautions in fixing it and also keep your children away from it until it has been fixed. Once the tester has been used in a live situation, the LCD display will warn you about the situation. This product is also extremely economical as it dispenses with battery. This smooth and sleek looking device is very easy to store and is extremely light, so you need not worry about excess space being taken up by it. While this device looks small, it has a great capacity of rapid induction voltage testing, making it a necessity in your household. The screwdriver itself is very durable and will not rust or break, making this a multi-function device that will protect your family and keep your things from falling off because of loose screws. Shop online for this home improvement product now. For any enquiries, please feel free to contact_us on: [ 18604251111 ] between 10AM to 6PM from Monday to Saturday (except government holidays).

Product 1: Compact and slim in-line screwdriver for quick fix and light duty assembly projects
Product 1: Spindle lock for manual use if desired and for greater control when starting and finishing screws
Product 1: Forward/Reverse slide switch for easy screw tightening and loosening
Product 2: Direct Detection: 12V – 220V AC/DC live objects through LCD display.When testing DC, please touch the earth with your hand
Product 2: For breakpoint test – find phase line/ground line or break point of phase line and place the tip of the tester, press the “Induction breakpoint test” (you can check flow of current in an insulated wire from outside)
Product 2: If the tester voltage doesn’t reach 70% of higher voltage then it will display lower voltage. For example : In a 220V pin/socket, if the current of 154 volt is flowing then the display will show 12, 36, 55 and 110 and not 220V in the LCD screen
Product 2: Rapid induction voltage testing, you can use induction electrode to test electric object lower than 12V.CE certification by european commission.1 Year manufacturer warranty on manufacturing defects

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