Atom A120 Digital Kitchen Weighing Scale, Blue, 10kg Price & Reviews

Atom A120 Digital Kitchen Weighing Scale, Blue, 10kg Price & Reviews

Product Description

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Multipurpose Scale

This kitchen weighing scale comes with a wide array of applications. The versatility of this accessory can be very smartly leveraged outside the kitchen. The users can utilise the scale for agriculture, automotive, factories, gas cylinders, shipping and many more.

Accurate and High Precision Reading

This battery-operated kitchen weighing scale comes with precision sensors that gives repeatability and accuracy for long periods of usage. Furthermore, it is capable of tracking the user’s daily consumption as well.

LED Tare with Auto Switch-Off

This kitchen scale comes with LED display with five digits. It also supports auto shutdown that functions after 270 seconds of inactivity. Its precise tare button allows the user to deduct the weight of a container from the total weight.

Weighing Modes

This kitchen scale supports multiple weighing modes namely G, Oz, Lb and Kg. It has been built with high precision strain gauge sensor system, providing accurate weight.

1.5v x 2aa batteries included, lcd display with 5 digits
Tare full capacity, operation temperature: 5-35 degree calicoes
Weighing modes: G, oz, lb, kg
Max capacity :5kg, min capacity :0.1g

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