Ash & Roh All-Purpose Wine Party Glasses, Set of 3 Price & Reviews

Ash & Roh All-Purpose Wine Party Glasses, Set of 3 Price & Reviews

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Elegant shape can provide a great drinking experience. The Wine Glass Sets is suitable for party, business, family, friend, etc.
High quality and clear glass is a good gift choice. The wine glasses are lightweight and easy to carry. The well-packed box keeps the wine cups arrive safely.







The hot violent process creates a smooth cup mouth, resulting in a good and impressive taste.

Long stem using a one-shot process looks better. It ensures you hold the cup more stable.

Enlarged bottom improves the stability of the cup. You can use them with any occasions.


The classically elegant shape ofAsh & Roh Kent field collection is perfectly balanced and offers a versatile platform for your entertaining needs. Its fine-blown character ensures that the aroma and taste is authentic for every sip and every moment — whether toasting a celebration or just enjoying an everyday casual get-together with friends.



Raise your nourishment and wine encounter with the idealize adjust of the glass in your hand, the touch of the rich stem between your fingers, wonderful precious stone chime from the edge and fragile fragrance of your top pick wine twirling around the bowl.

Great barware gift for birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, celebrations, and more

wine Crystal clear Glass

Clear wine Glass

This glass showcases the majestically structured red wines in all their complexity and finesse.

The laser cut glass prepare conveys uniform and lean edges on the dessert wine glasses, improving the seen quality and flavor of any white wine

Party Wine Glass

Big bowl wine Glass

Clear Crystal clear wine Glass


This uncommon stemware set is made of elite Star Glass; a lead-free chemical composition that produces ultra clear, immaculate, and staggering wine glasses
classically exquisite shape; fabricated with Clear Fire equation for included brilliance, quality, and clarity



Easy to clean. | Safe in dishwasher.
Hold collision and increase security if there are fractions.
The glass design is simple and elegant because it is designed in France and takes inspiration from all over the world following the latest trends and fashions.
It is suitable for cafes, restaurants and home.

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