24×7 eMall 80 mm K9 Crystal Ball Pro and Stand for Creative Photography (80mm) Price & Reviews

24×7 eMall 80 mm K9 Crystal Ball Pro and Stand for Creative Photography (80mm) Price & Reviews

Product Description



Why Choose 24×7 eMall?

Professional crystal ball brand sellers, paying attention to the crystal ball industry for many years.

We understand your needs. Compared with other sellers, we have given you a crystal ball base, a ball cloth and a storage bag, so that you can better show your crystal ball.


How to shoot with 24×7 eMall’s crystal ball?

The focus should be on the crystal ball to make the scene in the crystal ball clear.

Use a large aperture, background blur, blur.

The crystal ball such as a convex lens, can compress a wide scene and display it as a fisheye or a macro to enlarge the object.

When you find that the fingerprint on the crystal ball is not clear, use our special scrubbing cloth to shoot with water.

After the photography is finished, you can put the wipe cloth and crystal ball together in our gift storage pouch to protect your crystal ball.


Why do we choose a crystal ball made of K9?

K9 crystal is one of the highest quality Optical Glass. The material of K9 is more transparent than other materials, and it is not easy to have impurities.







1 X Crystal Stand

Don’t worry about the crystal ball rolling and breaking.

The crystal ball is round and easy to roll on uneven contact surfaces.

Especially in the process of taking pictures, if the ball is placed on a surface that is not very flat, it is difficult to take a good photo.

1 X Gift Box

We have customized exclusive packaging for each crystal ball.

You can give it as a gift to others, or you can also keep it for your own use.

Made With Creativity In Mind

Each Of Our K9 Crystal ball Is Made Through Six Detailed Processes, Which Makes It Perfect For Creative Photography


The Best Gift For Photographer

To make this accessible for all levels of photography, the crystal ball does not only work with professional cameras but it is also suited for any smartphone camera.

This product is made in a sophisticated facility and is highly polished and uses the highest quality K9 crystal .
Pack Includes – 1x 80mm K9 crystal ball, 1 glass stand, 1 microfibre cloth. All packed in a nice box.

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